All Emmegas products comply with the National and International homologations provided for the 'automotive' industry.

- DGM Italy (DGM Italia Euro 4 GPLDGM Italia Euro 4 MetanoDGM Italia Euro 4 turboDGM Italia Euro 5, DGM Italia Euro 5-6)
For LPG/CNG systems

- ECE/ONU 67R-01
For LPG products

- ECE/ONU 110R-00
For CNG products

- ISO 15500
For CNG regulators

- ECE/ONU 115R (Cert. 115R FIATCert. 115 Fiat (ex 01), Cert. 115R VOLKSWAGEN)
For overall LPG systems

- ECE/ONU 10R-03
For electronic components

Also fully meet the standards required by the EURO 5-6 regulations for the emissions of pollutants.

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Emmegas is an Italian brand of  Landi Renzo Spa, leader in the field of LPG and CNG automotive fuel solutions.

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