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ECOGAS: Ecogas group. Representative for the sector of alternative fuel motor vehicles in Italy - www.ecogas.it

FEDERMETANO: Web site of the Italian federation of CnG distributors and transporters - www.federmetano.it

FORNOVO GAS: Italian company producer of Cng filling stations - www.fornovogas.it

ANGVA: Asian Pacific Natural Gas Association. No profit association that promotes the growth of the sector in the South-East Asia - www.angva.org

IANGV: International Association for Natural Gas vehicles. No-profit organization that promotes the growth of the sector throughout the world: It unites more than 600 affiliates - www.iangv.org

ECOMOBILE: International journal dedicated to innovations in the technology of mobility - www.ecomobile.it

GVR: Gas vehicle report. Web site of the NGV Communication Group, that organize manifestations for the natural gas industry - www.thegvr.com

NGV GLOBAL: It provides news and information for the natural gas vehicles industry - www.ngvglobal.com

NGV GROUP: NGV Communications Group. It promotes and organizes events that are dedicated to the industry of natural gas for motor vehicles - www.ngvgroup.com

AOHUACHINA: The Emmegas representative for the Chinese market - www.aohuachina.com

VLAND: The Emmegas representative for the Australian market - www.vlandgas.com.au